Gotta show some love to Nya Lee here on the T.V.C. (Who Was Featured On WSHH Candy) Almost Died After Being Stabbed In The Neck By 4 Girls At A Club! …Man when I heard that S#!^ I almost cried.  taheeee… check out her video…aahhh…I hurtin by this for her… the video is nice …im just trying to stress how i really feel to you guys…I hope she has a beautiful & healthy recovery. 


” Four women appeared before a judge today and were charged with attempted murder and gang assault for allegedly attacking an aspiring Bronx model and actress at the 718 Lounge Saturday night. Jylisa Benjamin, Sharifa Cummings, Nefertari Cummings and Kimberly Francis have been accused of getting into an altercation with Tolley Ingram, 20, at the nightclub and slashing her face and neck with a knife. The woman was left with an 18- inch scar and claims she needed 32 stitches to close the wound. Defense attorneys tell News 12 The Bronx that their clients are being overcharged, as they are all hard-working women and don’t have criminal records. None of the suspects posted $50,000 bond and are currently being held at Rikers Island.”